Welcome to the QSI Tbilisi virtual learning platform. With this platform we provide our students the opportunity to receive a blended learning experience. Blended learning or blended instruction is an educational approach in which students learn through the delivery of content and instruction using a traditional face-to-face classroom, but also via digital and online media. This approach allows students some element of control over when, where, how, and at what pace they learn. If you are a teacher or a student please access the login page and type in your credentials. If you are a parent, you may either log in using your child's login credentials (most suitable for parents of elementary students (5 YO - 10 YO)) or contact us to get a parent account (most suitable for parents of secondary students (11 YO - Sec IV)). For elementary student login information, you may also contact the site administrator or your child's teacher. In special cases, guest access may be allowed. Thank you.

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