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Important Information!


Parents, mentors, and representatives, is this your first time here?

If so, then please read the instructions below.

Request Access

Parents, mentors, and representatives may view a student's grades and teacher feedback with proper authorization. If you are interested in gaining access then please contact Frank Plasil at frantisek-plasil@qsi.org or Daniel Hefley at daniel-hefley@qsi.org. Once an account has been created you may log in by inputting your credentials in the appropriate boxes and clicking on Log in.

Access the Parent Portal

After logging in, you will see a box on the top right hand corner called the Parent Portal. The student's name will appear in the box. Click on the name to access their profile page.

Step 2: Accessing the Parent Portal

Select the Desired Course

Once you are on the User Profile page, you will select the desired course under Course Profiles.

Step 3: Selecting the Desired Course

Access the Course's Grade-book

Now that you have selected a course, click on Grade under Reports to view that course's grade-book.

Step 4: Accessing the Course's Grade-book

View Grades and Feedback

You are now in the grade-book for that course. Scroll through the assignments in each of the essential units. You can see the Grade and teacher Feedback for each of the Grade items. Final unit grades are usually not displayed in the course. However, if you can see that all the unit assignments have been completed, then it usually means that the student has demonstrated mastery of the content.

Step 5: Viewing Grades and Feedback